Four Partners Engineering a More Sustainable Future


If you’ve spent a meaningful time in business, you already know that who you work with has a more-profound impact on your sense of success and fulfillment than what you are working on. In a perfect world, accomplished professionals come together to leverage complementary skills and highly-aligned values. Our firm is led by four partners that seek to make a positive impact on human and environmental health, through the business ventures they create, lead or operate.

Intersection’s partners have experience in business-building as entrepreneurs, operators, investors and public company executives.

We Are

  • Entrepreneurs, engineers, operating and finance executives
  • Focused on growth that is generated from unmet market needs and opportunities
  • Passionate about our companies’ causes
  • Creators of disruptive strategic events/partnerships that enable meaningful business-building
  • Great partners who care a lot about the people we work with
  • Part of a network of innovators who launch new ventures or add value to existing ones

We Are Not

  • An investment fund or venture capitalists
  • Brokers, consultants or bankers
  • Financial engineers
  • Passive investors
  • Solely focused on financial success

Intersection’s Business Model

We develop, launch or partner-with healthcare and renewable resource companies that have a positive impact mission. Our investment, ownership and governance roles vary based on the needs and conditions of each venture.

Proven Skills

  • Securing/developing significant contracts to create off-sized business growth
  • Creating market-making partnerships that can access/enable significant step-function growth
  • Securing or deploying intellectual property that can make markets
  • Positioning companies to deliver maximum relevance (and value) during growth fund financing
  • Acquisition transaction and related financing  activities to ensure closing

Our Leadership Team

Richie Rakowski

Andy Lipman

Rami Karjian

Steve Garchik

Business Incubation

Intersection mentors and supports selected entrepreneurs with strong business ideas and a passion to build a meaningful enterprise.