How We Work – Approach and Results

We are a small, fearless firm with a sustainability mission and culture centered on people and our planet. We combine our experience, passion, and relationships with seminal events to author and grow next-generation enterprises with a focus on healthcare and renewable energy/resources. Our flexible business model allows us too (should be “to”) work on business opportunities under a host of structures.  Depending on the opportunity, we can serve as an operating partner, business development partner, acquirer, active investor or adviser.

Our approach centers on our ability to leverage the work we have done developing and launching a number of businesses from scratch. From that experience and network, we support selected companies/ventures/business models that align with our mission and where we can add unique seminal event value. We are known for:

  • Our ability to create seminal events that catalyze transformational enterprises and enable out-sized growth and financial returns
  • Our passion that energizes our partners, customers, and market influencers
  • Our willingness to commit which provides momentum and focus for the enterprises we steward
  • Our market relationships that enable and catalyze market scaling
  • Our insights that drive disruption, stemming from our highly eclectic background, interests, and track record. These insights intersect with technology, economic models, or market entry strategies to become the DNA for our new disruptive enterprises.

Our seminal events focus include some of the following objectives/accomplishments;

  • Securing/equitizing significant (long-term) customer contracts in the healthcare, energy and resource market sectors. This includes off-take agreements for renewable energy with both the public and private sectors – domestically and abroad – our goal is to amplify equity value with improved visibility into future economic streams
  • Securing (long-term) feedstock agreements for renewable energy – with both the public and private sectors – domestically and abroad. Once again, our goal here is to amplify equity value with improved visibility into future economic streams
  • Developing truly-strategic partnerships that can access/enable significant step-function distribution increases for companies in earlier stages of market deployment – our goal is to elevate a company’s market relevance and help it accelerate scaling and investor interest/confidence
  • Enabling acquisitions of companies not for sale – our goal is to accelerate the deployment and scaling of market and other business strategies by securing business platforms that already have operational capabilities and trailing/proven streams of economic value.
  • Securing/deploying technology and intellectual property that can “make markets” in the energy, healthcare and renewable resource areas – our goal is to bolt-on IP that can rapidly-unlock (revenue, margin and equity) value that is currently constrained because of legacy models of doing business
  • Aligning our business ventures with highly-regarded market-leaders/individuals that bring market validation and credibility. Our goal is to create the analog of a known market brand to amplify customer and investor confidence.
  • Support funding/financing activities to ensure closing while positioning companies to effectively unlock their value and deliver maximum relevance – Our goal is to help companies align their offering, model and business plan to the needs of investors and the process that investors need to pursue to insure their fiduciary responsibilities


  • Closing on the acquisition of three, large regional resource recovery companies as a platform to enable the ReCommunity strategy – the nation’s largest independent municipal solid waste recycling company
  • Completion of our validating clinical trial that enabled our Clinically Home “hospital at home” health care delivery model – published in the American Journal of Managed Care in October, 2015
  • Closed on seminal customer contracts representing $100 – $250 million multiple times
  • Secured seminal relationship with Johns Hopkins for multiple healthcare ventures
  • Acquired 40+ companies – none of which was for sale – executed up to seven acquisitions concurrently for specific business strategies
  • Raised significant capital on behalf of numerous businesses we’ve built – often on very favorable terms in down financial markets


  • $145 million –> $1 billion – Andy Lipman (Intersection Principal) founded Chatham Technologies. Starting with $145M initial revenue, it sold to Flextronics for nearly $1b enterprise value only four years later.
  • $18 –> $53 per share – Richard Rakowski (Intersection Principal) integrated Empower Health Strategy into American Healthways. Stock price grew from $18 to $53 per share on a dramatic growth in share volume (~10x) within nine months.
  • +$1.2 billion raised to date – Total capital raised from 1976-2015 on behalf of strategies developed by Intersection’s Principals.
  • 100+ articles, television, and radio segments – Media coverage includes the New York Times, TIME Magazine, ABC National News, Good Morning America, WWD, and Los Angeles Times.
  • $640 million – Largest single equity creation event to date
  • $400M – Largest contract sold to date, to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota for managing 30 chronic conditions for their members
  • 225 – Total projects developed and sold as process control, operations, marketing, and strategic consultants.