Intersection Healthcare Partners




About our healthcare business – Intersection develops, launches and operates disruptive healthcare services companies with a focus on next-generation population health management. We have a point of view and framework for the reconfiguration of a more-sustainable healthcare delivery system.

Our research, design and clinical experience confirms the need and opportunity to provide a more-rational population health approach that moves far-beyond a static view of cost-concentrated patients.

Intersection’s population health model includes the following elements:

  • Integrate and transform previously separate (silos) of medical care delivery (e.g. hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and population health programs) into newly-engineered care (true system) delivery models that substitute for today’s dangerous and financially-unsustainable institutional sites of medical care delivery
  • Shift the delivery of acute and post acute medical care from high-cost hospitals, rehab centers and skilled nursing facilities to patient homes,  clinical apartments on other superior healing sites of care that bring better outcomes at lower cost
  • Using savings realized from liberating patients from high fixed cost institutional sites of care, provide more care over a longer period of time for patients that experience an acute medical event. During this longer episode of care, integrate proven care management methods that can reliably prevent avoidable medical episodes in the future. Use new re-engineered care delivery approaches  to serve as a cornerstone of robust population health strategy that has a major impact on triple aim objectives.These new approaches provide the basis for meaningful ongoing interaction and support for patients.
  • Substitute highly-variable care delivery practices by clinicians with evidence-based care pathways and software engines that guide care delivery
  • Deliver medical care based on building a relationship with patients vs. simply performing clinical tasks on them – use the trust generated in this relationship to work with known patient triggers and levers that result in preventable hospitalizations
  • Introduce compelling new technologies with humane interfaces that can reliably keep patients on track and out of the hospital
  • Intelligently-use technology for monitoring and clinician-patient communication
  • Design-in a robust safety system that uses principles, strategies and processes that are the foundation of the air safety system
  • Provide the needed bridges medical care and end of life care

Aligned by the above population health strategy, we are a team of professionals that have come together to make a meaningful difference in the delivery of medical care on behalf of patients and the providers that serve and heal them. Our team represents the intersection of multiple worlds that have typically not come together: (i) engineers, (ii) large scale operations executives, (iii) healthcare executives, (iv) physician and clinical leaders with deep experience in hospitals, managed care and care support and (v) air safety leadership . This unique combination of background and skills is the well from which we draw our perspective in and around the need for large scale healthcare delivery re-engineering. Our team comes from a zero defect environment and commitment.


Bill Gold, MD – Chief Medical Strategist, former CMO BCBS Minnesota

James Kaskie, Adviser, former CEO, Kaleida Health

Joe Jacobs, MD – Adviser, former NIH Director and Public Health Leader

Bob Rothstein, MD – Adviser, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Suburban Hospital/ Johns Hopkins Medicine

Marc Silver, MD – Adviser, Advocate Medical Center, Chairman, Department of Medicine

Margatet Paroski, MD – Adviser, Former CMO Kaleida Health, Neurologist

Alan, London, MD – Adviser, Former Senior Executive Cleveland Clinic and Walgreens

Brian Beach, Adviser, Former Head of Air Safety, Pilots Union