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Integrated Acute + Post Acute Care Delivery Model  – (Acquired by Amedisys)

Developed by Intersection, with the partnership of Advocate Healthcare, the London Group and Dr. David Chess, Clinically Home developed and clinically-validated a new proprietary healthcare delivery system to provide (integrated) hospital-level acute and post-acute medical care in the increased comfort, improved safety, and significantly lower cost of the home. Please see published pilot study results – Published Clinical Trial Results.


Real Time Access to Medical Information  – (Acquired by Navigant)

SAMI,  was founded to make use of the latest technology innovations to deliver real time, medical records access and useful healthcare information to care givers, patients, and family members more quickly and effectively than anyone else. SAMI’s founding came at the heels of a tragic adverse medical event that catalyzed the development of the SAMI technology. SAMI’s model was focused on improving quality, in decreasing errors, and in saving lives. SAMI developed a propriety search engine/business intelligence software that analyzes clinical data residing in any electronic medical record and pushes life-saving/improving information, on a real time basis to any healthcare stakeholder (physician, patient, nurse, administrator and patients’ families).

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Acute + post acute medical delivery model partnering with physician groupsLaunching soon

Medically Home has set out to totally redefine how a patient is viewed, cared-for and supported to achieve an improved state of health.

Medically Home identifies those patients that meet the necessary criteria for being hospitalized and at the same time, can be safely-treated at home using the Medically Home proprietary approach.

For those patients who meet these criteria, Medically Home outfits their homes to become a temporary hospital unit. Their home is transformed to provide: emergency response systems, medical equipment, patient biometric monitoring, IV and other medications, physical therapy, mental health support, hands-on nursing care, meals and others services to substitute for care delivered in the hospital.

Medically Home provides an integrated episode of medical care – no more silos with disconnected people, locations and activities – no more handoffs. To enable this, a single care team care is assigned for the patient and provides that care in a single location – the patient’s home.

The Medically Home approach seamlessly-combines: (i) an acute phase of care that substitutes for a hospital stay, followed by (ii) an extended restorative care period that is focused on, (iii) preventative care activities customized for patient needs and (iv) full integration with the patient’s primary care physician,

Our program of care combines in-home/hands-on medical care with telemedicine, provided by clinicians using a robust system of two-way audio-video technology to amplify patient recovery and satisfaction.

A centerpiece of Medically Home’s approach to patient recovery relies on frequent patient support activities through building a trusted relationship between the provider team and the patient.

Taken together, Medically Home redefines and extends the medical episode of care – (i) from days to weeks, (ii) from lots of people the patient doesn’t know to a single care team and (iii) from institutional sites or care to the patient’s home.

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